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The Fire Trust, written by collaborating artist Wes Sam-Bruce, explores curiosity and openness, and encourages humankind to rekindle our connection to the Earth and all its elements. Adventure Forest - both play space and art installation - is reflective of this story...

the fire trust
the fire trust
Adventure Forest Documentary
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There was a time when the world was whole, when the world was unbroken, unshattered into countless tiny pieces. There was a time when the world was a circle, and everything flowed smoothly from one place to the next. There were no sides. Time and Water and Spirit and Breath and Bodies and Energy all poured forwards and backwards in all directions, around and around and around, and every creature was free, yet connected to everything else. Past, present and future were all there together too. Everything was everywhere with everyone, magically all at once.

They had a wider definition of what a “creature” is than we do today. Their definition included almost everything on Earth - Humans, Plants, Animals, Water, Land and Sky.

There was a time when all these Creatures spoke the same language and could understand each other. Their language reflected the deep love of the places where they lived, giving names and poetry and stories and reciprocity to the living world. All of these Creatures had a specific wisdom, talent, story and beauty to share with the others. They had words and names for every pebble, twig, blade of grass and bend in the stream. They were curious and open and truly listened to the world around them, and within them. They were the keepers of these wonderful gifts and they shared them freely with each other.


We are alive in a living world…


We are a part of nature, not apart from it.

We share the Earth with every other Creature.

Every Plant, Animal, Water, Land, Sky and Human has

their own special wisdom, talent, story and beauty to share,

and we will protect them and their children,

the way we would protect our own.

May we not destroy the home or habitat of

another creature unnecessarily,

May we not take more than we need

and may we always ask permission first.

May we always leave a gift and say thank you.

May we listen generously and breathe deeply

with The Council of Creatures.

May we help repair the world and make it whole again.

May we search for the broken scattered pieces of the world

and find the shattered shapes of the Moon and the Earth,

and help piece them together to make something new.

We cannot undo the past or call back what once was,

but a new world can be made from the ashes of the old.

May we find piece after piece after piece and turn them into

peace after peace after peace - offering it to others

as we share a common home.

May we help remind our friends of what can happen

when we forget that we’re all connected.


Every time we see the flame colored feathers

of the Red-tailed Hawk, the colors of the rusted machines, or

the scattered shapes of broken circles and triangles,

May we remember that we have a responsibility

to heal the world and make it new.


Should we ever forget these truths,

may our songs wake us up and bring us back to wholeness.

May we be truthful keepers of our wisdom, talent, story

and beauty and share them generously.

The Earth will always be full of fires and suffering and pain,

but we know that love and taking action together

can soothe and restore the damage.

By speaking, singing or reading this poem,

anyone may enter into this agreement,

and join The Council of Creatures.

All are invited and welcome to join us.

May we be curious and open and great listeners.

May we all belong to each other more and more every day.


We are alive in a living world…


An excerpt from The Fire Trust, a story written by
Wes Sam-Bruce for Adventure Forest,
a collaboration with the
Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus

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